Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Unforgettable Season Look

This is an appropriate look for Spring time, due to the bright floral skirt and pastel pink blouse.  Personally, I'm in love with my shoes!  I think they complete the outfit because of the two tones of purple.  the suede is a bright lavender (accentuating the bright florals in my skirt), lined by a dark purple stitching.  I am a lover for anything vintage.  My Gucci purse, given to me by my grandmother, adds a nice classic touch to this look.   It's perfect for any sophisticated occasion- graduation, work, or even lunch with the girls.  

The best part of this entire look is that every item was one sale!  The blouse was originally $150+ at Nordstrom, but I got it for $60.   My skirt, from Banana Republic, was originally $90+ before I got it for $35.  Finally, my Steve Madden shoes originally started at $150 at Nordstrom, but I got them for no more than $50!   Saving money is my favorite way to shop, wouldn't you think so too? 

Check out my look on lookbook....
Unforgettable Season- Lookbook


  1. Great Post! Love these Colours!

  2. Very beautiful look and the location :))

    Wish you very success with the blog!!!

    Lots of love,