Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Everyone Should Enjoy Some Weed....California

A year or so ago, my girlfriend and I made a road trip to Oregon for a long weekend.  On our way we stopped in a little- middle of no where town for gas.  Ironically it was Weed, California.  I couldn't help myself, but a purchase of some sort was bound to happen.  I came across this tie dye, coca cola mock shirt.  I fell in love!  I knew that I had to cut it up some how! 
It was so unbelievably hot today!  Shorts and a cut up crop T was perfect...  my shorts are high waisted from the American Apparel Denim collection and my shoes are white converse.  

My dog Shanna LOVES the camera...
Deep V Back

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Everyone Should Enjoy Some Weed...California


  1. Oh the title was fantastic haha, it definitely got me! And that tie dye shirt is really cool :)


    1. The title cracks me up... very fitting... thanks for the love dylan!

  2. Hi, where did you get this top? I am planning a road trip to Portland from Lis Angeles and would live to drop in Weed, CA. I love this!

    Thanks in advance Beautiful!

  3. Cute! You can get this shirt at EnjoyWeedShack.com