Saturday, June 23, 2012

They Stare At Me While I Crave You LOOK

This is most likely the last look of the summer I will have with my gorgeous dog (and model) Shanna.  I am off to PARIS!!!  Be sure to check out all my looks and updates on my new Parisian lifestyle! 

Tonight I am wearing a mint linen blouse, purchased at Banana Republic.  My jeans are from Nordstroms, with an interesting name, Mothers Jeans.  They are extremely comfortable and long, which as a tall girl I need! Anyone who owns a pair of Lita's can agree when I say, they are the most comfortable shoes!  I had to wear them out tonight because I'm not sure if I will pack them for my stay in Paris :( ... but that only means I have more room to purchase new goodies!! :) 

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