Friday, June 1, 2012

I Love This City Look

Summer time has officially started off the right way!  This past weekend I was dancing all night at I Love This City Festival...and no....sadly it wasn't in San Francisco.  Although, that didn't stop me from enjoying myself.  Knowing it was going to be a bit cold (being that the event was close to the shore), I figured loose pants would be best.  Considering I am going to be dancing a lot, I needed something to move with me.  If you are a full time dancer at raves like me, you would want to wear something like this.    At some point in the night I knew I would wanted a jacket of some sort... I felt the studded vest and black hoddie were appropriate with this T-shirt.   "WASTED YOUTH".... probably defines all the young 16 year olds at this festival...truth.  Anyways,  I was going for the more comfortable look rather than wearing fluffies and fishnets.  The American flag bikini top was just a little twist on the outfit.  I had no problem hanging onto my jacket or bag because I was in the lower seating section.  Trust me, no one was sitting... chairs were only needed to stand on and hold our stuff.  So glad I wasn't in the lawn area because I know my stuff would get kicked around.  

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